How to Increase Your Internet Marketing Lead Conversion

Increasing your internet marketing lead conversions can put thousands of dollars in your pocket while at the same time cutting your marketing budget.

Well how can this be, I hear you ask. That sounds too good to be true…to be able to cut costs and increase revenue and profit?!? That’s right, when your marketing campaigns have become a science to you, you will be able to literally print money with the words you write or better yet, the words you don’t write!

It’s time for you to start thinking of your Internet Marketing efforts like a science experiment. There are variables, results and the ever important control. So the first place you must start is with your control. This means you are going to HAVE to start! lead conversion squared review

But everything is quite ready!

Get over it and get something out there. How are you ever going to make changes and improve your internet marketing lead conversions if you don’t have any results to compare?

Start with ONE marketing campaign and test, test, test. Find a keyword or keyword phrase that you want to go after and focus on that for a month. Begin this campaign with one landing page and two separate ads. After you’ve got some relevant data, you will know which ad performs better and you can keep the good ad. Kill the bad ad and write another ad to compare to the ad that is working. That’s right, just because one ad outperformed the other does not mean it is the end all be all ad.

You are going to have to test EVERYTHING!

Now that you’ve got a performing ad in place with a Landing Page that converts, it’s time to start testing different Landing Pages with different ads. Are you beginning to see how finite you can get with this! ALL top producers are freaks about testing ads, copy, landing pages and keywords. Continually testing and adjusting is the only way to truly increase your internet marketing lead conversions.

Get out there, get committed and take control of your internet marketing efforts. You can absolutely dominate your online market if you simply take the time to test all aspects of your marketing. You will begin to approach this with confidence and a felling of ease because you KNOW what works. In less than 30 days you will begin to see an increase in your internet marketing lead conversion. I hope this helps you on your Journey. Until next time, Happy Marketing!


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